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Static Control Ionization Nozzles

air nozzle ionizers

Static control nozzles are very much like our anti static blow off guns except the do not have a trigger and are controlled by a manual or solenoid valve. The static control nozzles can be plumbed individually or on an air header depending on the application.

Model HPS-II
PN 90430-10100

The HPS-II Ionizing Air Nozzle (left) is a high-performance ionization source, designed to simultaneously neutralize static charges and remove electrostatically bonded particulate from surfaces. The HPS-II nozzle provides pinpoint ionized air stream ideal for cleaning - molded parts-instruments - photographic film - glass - electronic assembly and other electro-statically charged components. 

 The HPS-II Ionizing Nozzle is designed for fixed applications and can be operated on a continuous basis or activated by hand or foot switch. 

Model HPX-I
PN 90460-10012

The HPX-I Ionizing Nozzles (middle) are designed for fixed applications requiring a narrow stream of ionized air or nitrogen on a continuous basis. Standard lengths range from 3" to 12" with standard 90 degree and 45 degree bent nozzles available. Custom sizes are available upon request; consult factory for details.   

Model HPN
PN 90452-01100 Dead End
PN 90451-00002 Through

HPN High pressure ionizing air nozzles (right) are designed for the simultaneous neutralizing and cleaning of materials and parts when higher flow rates are required. Nozzles can be mounted individually (Dead End), in series ( Dead end + 1 or more through) or on an air manifold. 

HPN nozzle assembly

HPN Assembly Shown with optional air header and ball valve.

Power Supply

All Ionizing Air Nozzles require a power unit,
T1246SL, 120V, 50/60 HZ PN 90010-12463  or
T-2246SL 220 V, 50/60 HX PN 90010-22463


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