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Web Cleaners are a critical piece of equipment in the modern printing laminating and converting environments. Controlling dust and contamination on the web improves productivity. Noncontact webcleaners from the experts at ElectroStatics, Inc are the most advanced and cost effective non contact web cleaners on the market.  Units range is in size from 3" (75mm) to 200" (5 meters).

ElectroStatics Web Cleaning System utilizes an ionized air boost to neutralize static electricity. This eliminates the electrostatic field; thus polarization, releasing contaminants for instant vacuum cleaning in one highly efficient action. The Web cleaner thoroughly neutralizes and cleans any web in a single operation, the first time through. Web cleaners from ElectroStatics have 2 to 4 times the ionization as other designs.

The advanced technology non contacting web cleaning systems offered by ElectroStatics, Inc are designed to eliminate the need for prolonged, repetitive cleaning, removing virtually 100% of all contaminants, outperforming all other existing methods. ElectroStatics design engineers can customize the webcleaning equipment to meet your special size and space requirements.  It also have 2 different innovative designs to accommodate narrow webs (<30" 0.75meters) and wide webs (>30" 0.75 meters)

Web cleaners are the most cost effective way to insure your valued added step is adding value and not generating waste. Ask about the ElectroStatics performance guarantee.

Wide web style web cleaners are available to any width web. For systems less than 30" see our narrow web design of web cleaners. See this page for web cleaners for digital printing presses.

For more detailed explanation of web cleaning systems from Electrostatics, Inc visit here.

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