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Tabletop Ionizing Transport System
Model IT-7000
PN 90610-03610

The Model IT-7000 Ion Transport System is a self contained, compact table top ionizer capable of producing copious amounts of both positive and negative ions. The variable speed fan permits a gentle flow of ionized air, reaching a distance of up to 4 feet. A charged object, when passed through the ionization field, becomes neutral instantaneously. Inherently balanced, the Ion Transport System has a fail safe balance indicator to assure proper ionization output for ESD static control applications.

The IT-7000 is ideal for table top assembly application or situation where the industrial ionizers are too large. Review the HM8000 and the Model 190 gun for information for other products to control static electricity for ESD and light assembly applications.

With Stand
Without Stand
6.5" x 9.25" x 3.75" 6.5" X 8.5" X 3.75"


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