Anti Static Gun or ionization blow off gun are used to control static electricity control
from ElectroStatics, Inc. are easy to use cost effective and efficient way to remove dust and contamination

More products to control static electricity

antistatic blow off guns blow off gun CPS

( 90802-11080)

General use antistatic air gun. Best value broad applications static control gun)

anti static electricity control hands free ionization  gun static electrostatics control gun

Hands free

Foot pedal actuated anti static air gun. Great for added productivity

static electricity control anti static blow off gun 190HP

190 HP

For applications with: a large coverage area and or drying/ cooling requirements.
Highest volume and most air efficient
anti static control blow off gun on the market.

anti static control ion air gun static electricity 190C


For static control air gun applications that do not require the filter assemble.

static control blow off gun 190M


For applications class 100 or better clean rooms limited availability

ElectroStatics, Inc will also customize many product to fit customers needs.
This unit is shown with an extended nozzle to go deep inside a plastic blow molded tank.

To learn more about our static control nozzle ( like the guns but no trigger) visit

Anti Static air gun vs conventional air gun


All of the ionization anti-static air blow off guns from ElectroStatics, Inc
work with compressed air or Nitrogen.
( All static control blow off guns come with 8'(2.4m) of cable.
Up to 20' (6 m) available at additional charge)

The CPS Ionizing anti static Air Gun is a high-performance ionization antistatic gun, designed to simultaneously neutralize static charges and remove electrostatic bonded particulate from surfaces. The CPS Gun provides an ionized air stream ideal for cleaning, medical components, instruments, molded parts, photographic film, glass and other electrostatic charged components.  The CPS ionization gun is light and cost effective general purpose decice to control static electricity and clean.

The HPS-III Hands Free Ionizing Air Gun is is designed to offer the operator the ease of use without having to hold the hands free anti static static electricity hands free  ionizaion blow off gungun. The HPS-III hands free provides a pinpoint, ionized air stream ideal for cleaning, medical components, instruments, molded parts, cell phone repair, photographic film, glass and other electro statically charged components. The foot switch controls air flow to the gun. The goose neck assemble if easily adjustable to point the nozzle in the desired direction. The HPS-III is great for applications with high volume manula clenaing or when clenaing high value items.



The Model 190 HP Ionization anti static air gun is highest volume ionization gun on the market. The 10 to 1 boost from the venturi also makes The 190 HP a very energy efficient static control blow off gun. The 190 HP is an excellent ionization blow off gun for applications with: a large coverage area such as fiberglass panels; drying of circuit boards, cooling requirements. Air flow requirements with 0.25 fittings @ 20 PSI 3 CFM; @ 50 PSI 4.5 CFM; @100 PSI 6 CFM. The 190 HP is for cleaning large area pieces such as boats, signs, or other large non conductive pieces of material.

The Model 190C Ionizing anti-static air gun is specifically designed for neutralizing static and removing surface contamination for applications in rooms class 100 or ISO 3-4 or higher and general applications. For example, cleaning plastic parts prior to assembly, cell phone repair, fiber optics, neutralizing nonconductive components prior to their assembly into a printed circuit board. 

The 190M Gun is specifically designed and manufactured to meet stringent clean room (<class 100 or ISO 3-4) operating conditions while reducing static electricity at the work station. The 190M should only be used with dry nitrogen.

 The nozzle assembly is a specially designed housing containing a 0.45 micron, non-absorbing, replaceable filter between two rigid stainless steel screens. "O" rings prevent any possibility of particulate bypassing the filter. The housing containing the filter and ionizing point is constructed of stainless steel and molded Teflon parts. This unique design eliminates any possibility of contamination from the gun itself passing through to contaminate the product. The filter is not designed to clean/ filter the pressurized air or inert gas but to capture any contamination that may come from the gun itself. Filter replacement on the gun is quick, easy and requires no tools. 

static contorl power supply

Standard AC power supply. Available in 120V or 220V primary and 4 KV output. One standard power supply can power two anti static air guns

Model T1246SL,
PN 90010-12463 120V, 50/60HZ or
T-2246SL PN 90010-22463 220V, 50/60HZ

ionization blow off gun power supply

Equal-Ion Power Unit designed to be used with the static control guns in applications where +/- 5 Volt residual balance is required.
Equal Ion Power supply can power one anti static air gun.

Model B-1256
PN 90020-12561 (120V)
90020-22561 (220V), 50/60HZ

All powered static bars, guns and nozzles require the "T Series" Unit (to the left). These rugged power units automatically provide optimum performance never requiring adjustments. Two (2) bars, nozzles or guns can operate from one power unit. Where sensitive electronic components require the use of guns or nozzles, it is recommended the "B" Series (Balanceable Power Units) be used. With this unit, equal ion (5 v +/-) is assured. the "B" series power supply can power one gun.


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