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Web cleaner as dust control in converting and paper operations.

The current dust control technology in the paper and other web based industries is to use high volume "area hood" or "air foil" vacuum systems to ventilate an area in and around a machine.

Advantages to this technology is that is somewhat easy to implement.

The disadvantages of this technology are:

  • Marginally effective
  • Does not actively clean the web
  • Requires more vacuum per unit width of web
  • Requires more space in and around the machine which makes it difficult operate and maintain the machine without first moving the duct work out of the way.
  • Is only effective on one side of web.
  • The open slot designs can "eat the web"

ElectroStatics, Inc. designs and manufactures products to control static electricity and reduce contamination. We offer a wide range of products to control static electricity and reduce contamination for industries working with nonconductive materials and to remove static from plastic.

ElectroStatics, Inc will also build custom versions of our static control can cleaning equipment for your application.

ElectroStatics, Inc has the technology (anti static bars, ionization blowers, ionization static control blow off guns, web cleaners, sheet cleaners, static meters, charging and high speed static control systems) and the application engineering experience to help customers manage the problems caused by static electricity and to remove the related contamination.
Industry, in general, has been plagued with static electricity and it's related particulate attraction. ElectroStatics Incorporated is dedicated to providing each industry with a complete system of static eliminators and cleaning systems for the control of these problems.

Static electricity manifests itself in many ways i.e. Material stick together, fly apart, attract contamination and generally misbehave. When static is present, process equipment will not perform as the manufacturer has designed. Speeds must be lowered, waste is increased because the product is damaged, downtime is also increased anti static blower clear jam-ups or clean particulate from printing cylinder. The attraction of contamination to plastic and other nonconductors requires added time for cleaning in preparation for decorating, filling or packaging. All of the static related problems add to the enormous burden of product manufacturing.

ElectroStatics can help you save time and money by removing static electricity for your process.

Specialists in Static Electricity & Contamination Control


ElectroStatics, inc the experts in static electricity
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