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ElectroStatics Incorporated is a leading designer and manufacturer of systems to control reduce static electricity and remove contamination related to static electricity. The static control product line includes but is not limited to Static Meters, Static Neutralizing bars & Blowers, Static Generating, Static Eliminators, Grounding, Web cleaners and Contamination / Dust Control devices for the complete control of Static Electricity and it's related contamination problems. Electrostatics, Inc also designs custom static control or anti static systems for the unique challenges with static electricty faced by our customers.

     Some of the the markets served by ElectroStatics includes:   

    • Electronics
    • Packaging
    • Textile
    • Paper & Film Converting
    • Plastics
    • Medical Device Manufacturing
    • Medical Device Packaging
    • Injection Molding
    • Fiber optics
    • Printing
    • Circuit board manufacturing
    • Digital Printing
    • Clean room
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Pharmaceutical Packaging
    • Rubber Making & Converting
    • Paper Making & Converting
    • Photography
    • Wood Finishing
    digital printing web cleaner
    Non contact cleaning systems
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Industry in general has been plagued with static electricity and it's related particulate attraction. ElectroStatics Incorporated is dedicated to providing each industry with a complete system of static eliminators and cleaning systems for the control of these problems. 

 Static electricity manifests itself in many ways i.e. Material stick together, fly apart, attract contamination and generally misbehave. When static is present, process equipment will not perform as the manufacturer has designed. Speeds must be lowered, waste is increased because product is damaged, downtime is also increased anti static blowerto clear jam ups or clean particulate from printing cylinder. Attraction of contamination to plastic and other non conductors requires added time for cleaning in preparation for decorating, filling or packaging. All of the static related problems add to the enormous burden of product manufacturing. 

 The benefits provided by ElectroStatics static eliminator products are cost effective since the payback time is usually quite short. Most static eliminator products have been developed by ElectroStatics to control the standard industry static related problems. They include Static Locator / Meter, Static Neutralizing Bars, High Pressure Ionizing Air Nozzles, Low Pressure Ionizing Blowers, Ionizing Air Guns, etc. These static eliminator items are considered shelf items and are readily available from stock for immediate delivery. 

 ElectroStatics has the design capabilities of providing the solution for controlling the not so standard electrostatic problems. The talent extends from stand alone equipment to in-line system for the simultaneous neutralizing and cleaning of sheets, webs and parts. The auditing of what is required for the complete control of static electricity is provided by ElectroStatics weather by factory personnel or a network of well trained manufacturer's representatives. In order to insure lasting satisfaction and trouble-free operations, ElectroStatics will assist and provide help for the upkeep of installed equipment. We guarantee satisfaction and results. 


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